The Return of Peter Rabbit!

When I saw on the syllabus we were going to be reading The Tale of Peter Rabbit, I was beyond excited. I remember getting tucked into bed at night as a 4 year old and begging for my Dad to read me this particular story…

It was certainly one of those experiences (as I have addressed before in blog posts) where I was shocked to re-anaylze a childhood story. Honestly, I didn’t really remember what the story was about – I just remembered that I had loved it. Rereading it today, I was shocked to see how strange, and actually somewhat sad, the story really is. Peter is getting chased by a man who wants to kill him, and when he escapes back home, his mother doesn’t feed him the yummy foods that she does to his siblings… Where is the happy ending? I digress.

Anyways, aside from that initial “plot surprise”, I did enjoy my time paging through the tiny  book once again. I love the small drawings splashed onto the pages. They are simplistic, gentle, and perfectly sized for the book. I’m excited to see where our conversation in class this week takes us.

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