Collage and Change

When I think of collage, my biggest takeaway is the way an image or word changes when juxtaposed with other images. This reminded me of an old film experiment (of which I forget the name) where a close up of a woman’s face is immediately followed by a shot of something else – conjuring up feelings of loss, joy, and anger for the woman. However, the woman’s face never changes; the only thing that changed was the shot directly proceeding the woman. The reason I make this connection to collage is that the combination of words, phrases, or images put together create drastically different outcomes – which seems to be a major tenant of collage. This tenant speaks to the ways the human mind creates connections across seemingly disparate items or ideas. I also fond collage to let the viewer draw their own conclusions. The artist certainly needs to have a goal or message from their work, but the nature of collage leaves room for interpretation which is an aspect of collage that creates conversations between viewer and the artwork.



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