Meeting with Julia

Today’s lecture was amazing.  I really enjoyed having the opportunity to hear about the whole exhibit from Julia herself, and it was something that offered insight into the exhibit as a whole that I had never experienced before.  This was the fourth time that I had walked through the exhibit, and after hearing it described by three people prior to Julia, I thought I knew all there was to know about the exhibit.  I was completely wrong, and the impressions I had of each of her pieces and her inspirations were changed after hearing her speak.

I was truly curious to hear about her feminist approach to art, and after hearing how these were ideals she was raised with, and these ideals still inspire her work today, I was inspired.  I also think that hearing her discuss her illustrated book helped shaped my idea of play and a playground as I start working on my final illustration.  I cannot wait to go through the exhibit a 5th time, and be able to see it yet another light after listening to Julia speak today.

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  1. Caroline-I totally agree! I felt the same way and and thought that hearing about the process and original thoughts behind Julia’s work put it in a completely different light. Though paintings are a form of art meant to be visually seen, I thought that having her pointing out the true meanings of her work brought forward ideas that would have never cross my mind in my interpretation of some of these pieces. It added another dimension to the paintings that one would not be able to obtain by just looking at them.

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