Digital Illustration

I found the digital illustration workshop to be very difficult. I was hoping to create a baseball field, complete with a pitcher on the mound and a batter getting ready to hit. Ideally, I was going to make the view of the field from the batter’s perspective. I was able to make the outline of the field with the foul lines and the wall in the outfield. However, when I tried to make home plate and the batter’s box, the image looked like you were looking down at the baseball field from the sky and not out at the field from the batter’s position. Adding color to the field also proved to be a challenge. I used many different shapes to create the outline of the field and when I went to fill in all of the space that was supposed to be grass, I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

The Illustrator program has many unique features that would have been very useful if I was more skilled in using the program. It was interesting how you had to change your way of thinking in order to be proficient in creating certain objects. To be able to create more complex objects with this program, you needed to be able to break the object down into shapes and lines, instead of thinking of the object as a whole. Using Illustrator helped me start thinking about collage in terms of bringing together different images to create one object, much like we needed to bring together different lines and shapes to create something in Illustrator.

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  1. Becca–

    I am in complete agreement with you. I found the digital workshop to be unexpectedly difficult. It felt like an incredibly involved and intense series of steps, just to create the most basic image and navigating on the computer felt very awkward for me. If I had more time I would have loved to try experimenting with shades, patterns, etc. but I found myself really caught up in trying to figure out the innumerable tools that were included in the program. But it’s true that there is a unique relationship between digital illustration and collage in that digital illustration was very much about just breaking down each object into individual lines and shapes.

    I’d love to spend more time experimenting on illustrator–in the meantime I will be in awe of every piece of digital illustration I encounter because now I know even creating a basic soccer ball is very beyond me.

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