Collaborative Illustration Showcase

I went over to the Kennedy Center after class to look at everyone’s collaborative visual narratives, and was amazed at how beautiful they turned out. Will and I are not the most artistic pair, so looking at all the others really amazed me. I especially liked the Orhan Pamuk ones because Will and I thought Don Quixote would be easier for us to illustrate, so tackling that task was very impressive. It was also nice to see what classmates created for Don Quixote, to compare symbolism and  see what messages people grasped the most.

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  1. As someone who is also not very artistic, I found this exercise to be an interesting experience. I also walked by all of the collaborative visual narratives and came to the conclusion that the meaning and each project was more important than the actual artwork. Each visual narrative told a story or message that was much more captivating than the colors or lines that were drawn.

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