5 Reasons Why I Love Amphigorey

I have loved Amphigorey.

Here’s why:

1. Reading these short, illustrated stories was the highlight of my weekend. I cruised through the entire book without realizing it had only taken me a whopping 30minutes.

2. The stories are so extremely odd – it’s amazing. Kind of reminds me of A Series of Unfortunate Events, however, a bit more non sequitur in logic.

3. The surreal/gothic/dark humor vibe appeals to me… and honestly, I couldn’t tell you why.

4. The varied styles of illustration, the different fonts, & the wide range of plots… all these things make Edward Gorey seem like the jack-of-all-trades.

5. “The Listing Attic” was my favorite story… The randomness and the rhyme unite into something unforgettable to me.

Have other people enjoyed the book as well?

2 Replies to “5 Reasons Why I Love Amphigorey”

  1. I totally agree that there is something in the harmony between the different font and the way the text and the images are presented on the page that captures the reader’s attention and helps read the stories super quickly. Like you, I was done reading the whole thing before I knew it. I think Gorey’s style, both the visual and his actual writing, is very aesthetically pleasing and makes the reading process really enjoyable.

  2. Hi Darby,

    I have also loved reading Gorey’s Amphigorey. I especially felt the book had a strong resemblance to A Series of Unfortunate Events when I read A Hapless Child, so it was interesting to hear you also made that connection. There is something overall intriguing about Gorey’s work, I’d love to know how is mind works based on the innovation and creativity that shows through in his stories.

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