The Power Of A Children’s Book

I thought our discussion on children’s books this morning was an interesting one. We talked about how these books can be initially viewed as created for children. However, upon further examination, they are clearly for adults. Why would an artist or writer create a picture/ comic book that was geared towards adults when the stigma around these types of books is that they are only for kids? I believe the answer to this questions can be closely related to standup comedy. A comedian often discusses dark and serious topics in their routing but they are not as hard to discuss because it is being talked about with a comedic undertone. Therefore, it is easier for adults to talk and listen about these hard topics when there is a playful side to the argument. Presenting intense topics in the form of a children’s books is no different. Having cartoons and illuminated pictures helps ease the mind of the serious content. For example, the comic book Maus describes one man’s holocaust experience through cartoon animals. This allows the deeply painful events of the holocaust to be viewed upon in a different manner, one that is easier to digest than a typical book.

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