Reflections on our time in the scriptorium workshop

Two days in the scriptorium workshop really opened my eyes to the art of illustration. One thing that struck me was the time and planning that went into making a simple letter. It took me about 45 minutes of the first class just to map out where I wanted to place everything and getting my letter “M” to be symmetrical. Even just thinking about how I wanted to decorate my letter took a while. It made me realize how even the smallest distorted letter at the beginning of a page takes so much thought, planning, and execution of details. The second class, I was able to finish my illustration and begin the process of illumination. Deciding on which part of my illustration to illuminate was also a difficult choice. I wanted to use gold leaf in a relatively big area that was easier to put glue on, rather than any tiny details. I decided to do two concentric frames around my letter. Using the gold leaf really made my image come alive, and it was easy to see the appeal of using it in early manuscripts to make illustrations even more beautiful.  Overall,  my experience in the scriptorium was super enjoyable, and I loved engaging in an ancient art that proved way more difficult, detailed, and time consuming than I would ever have guessed.

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