Peter Rabbit Paratext

When I got to class today, I realized that everyone had a different version of Peter Rabbit than I did (I found mine used off Amazon and didn’t think it would be very different than the other version). My cover looked like this… 

The book is much larger than the other version, but it has omitted some of the pictures. Instead the illustrations are blown up versions of the originals, and the editor chose seemingly the most important illustration for every three illustration the original copy has. Text that took up a single page from the original have also been combined onto one page, so there are more sentences per page.

I think the choices the editor made for this version of Peter Rabbit are very interesting. After discussing the importance of Potter’s illustrations and how they really drive the whole story, it is a shame that this editor didn’t include all of the original illustrations. On the other hand, the full size illustrations on the page were captivating. I definitely prefer the original version over this one, but I could imagine a child enjoying the full page, glossy illustrations.

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