Monday Morning Workshop

Having not created a collage since I was in elementary school, our exercise Monday morning was quite the throwback for me. To reiterate a point that Professor Serrano stated during our class, it was a very relaxing experience. Bringing together images and scraps from numerous magazines and creating something on a blank piece of paper was quite rewarding. I found that I lost track of the time and was completely focused on thinking about the direction of my collage. Personally, I am very un-artistic. However, I found that making a collage was more about creativity and vision. Because of this, I felt more confident in the process and wasn’t self-conscious that my final product was going to be terrible.

While I am excited for our digital workshop on Wednesday, I know that for my final project I will be making a collage. The relaxing nature of creating a collage combined with the fact that strategic/creative planning are the key elements in being successful really appealed to me. I look forward to starting my final project!

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  1. I also enjoyed the relaxation aspect of making a collage and will be creating one for my final illustration as well. I think digital platforms have more potential to lead to frustration with glitches and not knowing or understanding the tools available. For me I enjoyed the collage better because it felt more hands on and came easier to me than Adobe Illustrator.

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