Julia’s Interesting Perspective

Throughout my time at Hamilton, it has always been a special moment when I have been able to hear an artist or writer provide their own perspective on their work. This morning was no different! When Julia was explaining how she came to create her artwork and where her inspiration came from, it allowed me to see her creations in a new light. There was one part of our lecture with Julia that really stood out to me. She mentioned how some people interpret the meaning and messages of her artwork in ways she never intended for them to be seen. She went on to say that she was delighted at these new interpretations and that she welcomes any new ideas regarding her artwork that she has yet to discover herself. The idea that an artist creates a piece of work but does not know all the power and influence their painting contains is very interesting to me. It also helped me understand the point that every person interprets a piece of art differently and that there is no definitive meaning to a particular artwork.

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  1. I also found it interesting that an artist can create a piece of work without knowing all of its influence.  However, once I thought about it after meeting with her, and after seeing the exhibit a few times, I realized that every time I look at a painting I have a different reaction. I always have to put the moment into context when I look at art because  my emotional state or what is going on in my life at the time, can deeply affect the influence that piece may have on me.  I feel as though this is true for everyone when they look at art.

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