Julia Jacquette– “Hands (Women Rock Musicians)”

When looking around the exhibit today, the piece that struck me the most was the first one we saw– “Hands (Women Rock Musicians)” series, 2016. I thought the medium of glazed ceramic tiles gave these paintings a stunning, three dimensional presence.  Hearing Sungmin’s take on the piece was very interesting to me. He explained that Julia Jacquette wanted to convey the more realistic elements of female hands. In advertisements and media, female hands are often perfectly smooth, delicate, and free of scars or blemishes. Julia paints these hands in their realist forms, and choosing to convey the hands of famous female rockers is even more bad-ass in my opinion. There is something completely raw and powerful about these images, and it felt like a very positive expression of art, rather than some of the more critical and negative paintings later on in the exhibit. 

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  1. Meredith,

    I too was drawn to Jacquette’s ceramic hands. I am very glad that today in class, the artist decided to go into a little more detail about the piece.

    I found it really interested that she chose to use ceramics because of their durability. She doesn’t just want the viewer to focus in on the most important part of a rock musician (the hands, obviously), but she also wanted to immortalize these women. For me, this decision makes the piece all that more powerful. Not only does Jacquette appreciate these women’s music, she appreciates them as inspirational figures, people to be remembered.

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