But Why?

This lesson revolves around the idea of practicing self-control, a key concept in stoicism. It will also provide examples of how self-control can be good through the use of games and why self-control can be beneficial.

Life Playlist

Music drifts through the air into our heads throughout our lives.  But, when do we stop to just listen?  You and I will be experiencing different ways of listening to music with these audio instructions.  This week, the activity is to listen to the playlist of your life that you create.

Weather and Change

This lesson allows us to look at weather and how it changes as well as how change can make us feel. This lesson also has videos and activities that allows the students to interact with us and each other as well as have time to think and focus about their own thoughts. Looking at weather and change and why we […]

Me and You

This lesson focuses on the stoic belief surrounding the relationship between oneself and others. By following the stoic philosopher  Hierocles, students will be able to explore their connection between themselves and other individuals, and eventually the human community.

Does Kindness Exist?

 In society, there are unspoken rules that we grow up with. People often say, “Sharing is caring” or they donate to charity, and people volunteer. Do people do it because of the goodness of their hearts or because of what society has formed as things that a person should do in order to be perceived in a certain way.