The Death of Shelley

‘Full fathom five the poet lies’: The death of Percy Bysshe Shelley 

I stumbled across this particularly interesting article about the death of  Shelley.The article also reveals issues that Shelley experienced throughout his short life like hallucinations — interestingly, they were frequently about his doppelgänger — and marital issues with Mary Shelley. As mentioned in the article caption, Shelley tragically passed at the age of 29 in a boating accident. Despite the tragedy of his death, Shelley’s passing was poetic in a way; having died as a result of his own folly and possibly hubris, after he refused assistance during a storm. Also, ironically enough prior to his death, Shelley began writing a poem, “The Triumph of Life.” This poem touches upon the exploration of the nature of being and reality, as well as humanity’s victory over nature and the constraints of the mortal existence. Once again, this is ironic as Shelley passed at the young age of 29 during a storm at sea. 



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  1. Juts like we discussed in class with the 27 club, I wonder why there are so many artists who die so young and so tragically. I know a lot of these deaths are linked to mental health and drug overdoses but some deaths like Shelley’s boat crash and Keats’ tuberculosis are not purposeful. I wonder if this makes their art more precious, since they had less time to produce their work?

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