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  • Henry James’ writing and its connection with American identity
    Henry James’ story “The Beast in the Jungle” is complex due to the fact that is very open to be interpreted by the readers. I have noticed that both in “Daisy Miller” and in “The Beast in the Jungle” Henry James leaves an open question to the readers, so they can create their own ideas and interpretations about the significance of the story. This reminded … Read more
  • May’s Love
    After our discussion last Thursday, I’ve found myself wondering why May loved Marcher all her life. When the story comes to an end, and Marcher’s selfishness is in clear view, it seems that May’s only purpose, in life and in the story, was to support him. We learn very little about her, especially in comparison to the protagonist, and her illogical devotion appears to be … Read more
  • Marcher & May’s Complex Relationship
              One of the most interesting and distinct parts of the novella The Beast in the Jungle by Henry James is the complex relationship between Marcher and May. I found myself stopping at many points throughout the text to try to understand and define their relationship, however I still remain unsure. At surface level they appear to be intimate friends, yet … Read more
  • Love, loss, and fate in “The Beast in the Jungle”
    I found Henry James’s “The Beast in the Jungle” to be quite sad: the whole novella is a battle to see whether love or the beast will win. When Marcher discovers that May Bertram knows his “secret,” they quickly become close. Marcher’s constant feeling of impending doom is not that far off from what many people experience; it is likely a form of undiagnosed anxiety. … Read more
  • Henry James exploring Human Condition
    This story of “The Beast in the Jungle” is very impactful in its time because it explores the human conditions that may affect the psychological state of an individual. This story is really great because it is connected with modern society and we can see in modern novels and stories the themes that are explored in this story. For example: loneliness, fate, regret, darkness, death, … Read more