The Hudson and Beyond is an ongoing project related to Art History 259, a course on American Art. In order to complete it, I plan to have students enrolled in future offerings of the course contribute additional essays on artists and related topics.

The original concept for this project as well as the initial structure of its presentation and much of the introductory material was developed by Adriana Fracchia ’14 as part of an Independent Study. The first round of essays on the artists, Thomas Cole, Asher Durand, John Kensett, Robert Duncanson and Frederic Church, and the essay on The Crayon, were contributed by students in Art History 259, in the fall of 2014.

As Adriana explains it: “Following the River (her original title for the project) is a process, a developing virtual organism to be filled with topical elements that, when combined, attempt to eventually portray a comprehensive, place-based narrative of the [Hudson River] school.”

Many thanks to all for their outstanding work.

Deborah Pokinski
Associate Professor of Art History