The Repetitiveness of College Life

Many have mentioned how similar their weekly schedules are each week, and mine is no exception. Week to week, my schedule hardly changes, with the exception of my audiovisuals on campus job, which may require me to traverse across campus (out of my lightside bubble). There is however, a certain comfort in a repetitive routine in which the factors are predictable. With the stress and uncertainty looming in many seniors’ postgraduate plans, this sense of security in following a daily routine is, I suspect, very much welcomed despite many seniors’ insistence on being ready to leave this place. I on the other hand, am ready for a new adventure. As many students have brought up, there are not many dining options on campus, and unless one has a car, most dining places off campus are inconvenient to get to. Reflecting on the mapping assignments also made me reflect on my experiences as a first year. Looking back, as a freshman, my weekly routine was much more unpredictable, and I explored the campus frequently with my just-as-excited friends. But alas, like everything else, the sense of excitement slowly dwindles and like most people, settled into my daily routine. The same clubs, the same dining tables, the same friends, and even the same professors. While this sounds more than boring, as I have mentioned, there is a certain comfort into sticking to what is already “known.” But just like the conquistadors and explorers, from Vasco da Gama to Christopher Columbus, I want to immerse myself with unknown and yet to be discovered experiences. Heading to a new school in the fall (this time in a city), my experiences will change dramatically, and perhaps my weekly routes will differ. However, I suspect, once again, routine will get the best of me, and I unfortunately will settle in my comfort zone. I hope to explore more about myself through immersing myself in multiple scenarios as I begin my journey as an independent adult.

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  1. I could not agree more. I too see the comfort in repeating the same schedule everyday. As a senior, it is comfortable to have a heavily regimented schedule that forces a person to not freak out about their uncertain future. I also too noticed how limited Hamilton’s dinning options are, if you don’t drive off campus. There should be more dinning options on campus with better food.

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