Dropping Pins

Every week I had mostly the same routine. I went to classes, work, ate meals, went to the gym, rinse and repeat. Looking at just Hamilton campus, I thought I spent a decent amount of time all over campus, not just staying light side or dark side. However, on a macro scale, I really was just spending a decent amount of time in a bubble.

As other people have mentioned, everyone has their routines that they follow and stick to throughout the semester. I know some felt this was more of a negative thing than positive, but I think that there’s something to be said for having a routine when you’re at school or in classes. On the other hand, it was also more fun, at least for me, to look back on my week and remember the places I went that were off-campus or new — anything different was interesting.


Everyone seemed to look at this project a little differently. I liked that Talia had so many descriptions (something I didn’t add, usually just letting the title of the pin explain itself), because I actually was able to understand what the significance was of those places.

I think it’s safe to say, though, that this was a revealing experience for all of us — a reminder that we get into habits and routines pretty easily. Personally, this project has made me more excited than ever to get off campus and drop some pins in the real world this summer.

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