Unity and tinkercad

Unity seems really cool, and I’m excited to use it more. Tinkercad felt a bit limiting because most of the objects were very geometrical. It was more difficult to make organic shapes. It will be fun to look at the different prefabs for the final project. I also think there’s a big difference between just looking at an object in VR and going into a scene in VR. Of course the second requires more work and is a larger project, but that aside the ability to add in movement, interaction, and lighting goes a long way towards creating an immersive space. Creating an object felt more like “Leopoldina’s Dreams” when she brought back an object from a dream. The object is a fragment from somewhere else while you remain in the mundane, everyday space. Going into a scene in VR feels much closer to stepping through the looking glass or entering Oz because the world is all around you. I’m sure all the 3D objects will be cool, but I’m more excited for the VR scenes.

One thought on “Unity and tinkercad

  1. I agree with you. I really like that you can do more things in Unity and that it has so many pre-fabs to choose from that aren’t geometric shapes. However I’m also a little concerned for making the virtual worlds because I already struggled so much on the object that I’m sure it will be even harder to try to make something as complex as a scene. I also agree with your thoughts on Tinkercad and Unity being like “Leopoldina’s Dream” and Alice Through the Looking Glass respectively. I kind of wished that I could immerse myself in Oz as I was making my object so that I could have that source of inspiration, instead of only being able to look at the fragment of Oz that I was trying to create.

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