Scary Stories To Tell In The Park

By- Alexandria Geer

Scary stories are a common fixture in society and have a long history around the world. They are mostly based on an amalgamation of fact and fiction. Some stories tell of monsters that couldn’t exist while others simply frame real-world atrocities in an artistic, horrifying manner. Many of these are old tales that have been passed down through generations, often taking on new details and nuances along the way. Other stories are newer and based on an idea made viral through the internet or social media like the quick rise of Slenderman. These newer legends are commonly stemming from or feeding off real-world events as they happen turning into warped tales. The scary stories may serve as simple entertainment but they also have an important role in communities that have many dangers. The Adirondack mountains are currently known and protected for the vast wilderness and its beauty, but the very aspects of these woods that make them beautiful can also make them deadly. The history of deaths can be used as a catalog of risks and the stories as cautionary tales that are more readily spread than purely educational PSAs. They help keep people aware in the woods, watching in the dark, and prepared for wild animals both human and not. They also give stigmas to many dangerous areas from tales of ghosts where, in reality, it’s the decrepit buildings that one should fear. The Adirondacks are especially susceptible to the formation of such tales as its long history of failed settlements and harsh climate has led to abandoned towns riddled with death. Overall, they keep the spirit of the park alive in mystic legends of a mysterious and powerful nature that, despite being a beautiful area, can be deadly.

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