Encompassing over 9,000 square miles, the Adirondack Park is filled with myriad natural wonders. Larger than any of the famed national parks in the Western U.S., the Adirondack Park is a unique place. The earliest European accounts of it, though, always include mention of its unsuitability for agriculture. The Adirondacks is where bad soil, mountainous terrain, and bitter winters meet – yet still, there is a tradition of farming. This website examines that tradition, as well as what Adirondack agriculture has become today.

To learn more about the economics of farming in the Adirondacks, one of this website’s authors contacted a senior business loan executive at Adirondack Bank, and asked about his experience as a creditor for North Country farmers. His response? A very earnest, “there’s farming in the Adirondacks?”

That about says it all when it comes to public perception, though there is actually a significant story to tell. This is a website of Forever Wild of Hamilton College.