Author: sclement

Shortcomings of the Collaborative Process

To me, the greatest mark of success in a collaborative work is when each piece is able stand out without the others. With the writer-artist teams behind Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns, I think we witnessed that success. With many earlier comics, though, I feel like the final visions were not fully achieved in..

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Masked Identities

One line that really stuck out to me in Watchmen was when Rorschach is captured and imprisoned for the murder of Moloch. As the arresting police officers rip off his mask, he screams, “No! My face! Give it back!” (page 172, row 3, panel 1). Rorschach seems to identify more with his superhero identity than..

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Disregarding Time in X-Men

One thing I noticed while reading X-Men, especially the second of the two early issues, was that scenes detailing a lot of action seem to disregard the concepts of time and space. On page 204, for instance, everything in the large semi-splash panel looked like it was occurring simultaneously. I couldn’t figure out if there..

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