Comics unlike a traditional story or novel gives the story to the viewer in a much more accessible way. Even if a reader can’t fully follow or understand the story through the text in the comic, the images provide a basis and a context for them to be able to follow along and figure it out. This makes it so a variety of people have access to this form of story telling. It is something that can be understood by many different types of people, young and old with varying amounts of a formal educations. Traditional modes or written storytelling, like a novel, can get lengthy and prolong a story that can be entirely condensed. Novels can often use language that can be confusing and don’t have the visual cues that comics have that help carry the story along. The images of comics also provide a break for the eyes on a different type of language a back and forth between visual and written language that captures and maintains a readers attention and helps them move through a story quicker than they could through a novel. Overall a comic is something engaging that is more accessible to a wider range of people which at its core makes it better at even a base comparison than a novel.