Given the single process works we have read this semester, I disagree that one-person products are myopic and too singular. I feel that any comic can be described in that way regardless of the number of individuals involved in its creation. The singular process comics we read this semester do not lack creativity or foresight in any way, and therefore each provides strong evidence against the claim that the singular process is myopic. While it is possible that each of these comics may have benefited from collaboration, there is no way to know if they would have. However, it is clear to me that the singular process allows for a direct link between the creator and the comic. Each of the one-person comics we read feels deeply meaningful in a tangible way. Taking Tatsumi’s Goodbye as one example, each of the stories within the manga is intense and filled with meaning. It is difficult to quantify the ways in which the singular process shapes Goodbye, but I feel that the manga is intimately connected with Tatsumi’s thoughts and life in a way that would not be possible with the collaborative process. For me, this intangible link that creates tangible meaning is the lynchpin and defining characteristic of singular process comics. I feel particularly connected to the creators when reading these comics, and I believe that it enables the creators to link themselves directly to their work without any obstacle.


Furthermore, creating my final DIY comic has helped me gain an even deeper respect for the singular process. The writing and drawing processes are both incredibly difficult, but it feels valuable and fulfilling to do both. My experience creating this comic has reinforced my belief that the singular process enables the creator to be directly linked to their work in a way the collaborative process does not permit, as I feel far more connected to my DIY comic than my collaborative comic. I do not prefer the singular process to the collaborative process, but I believe it is distinct and that it provides a particularly intimate reading experience.