I thought the collaborative processes were really interesting, especially since we got to experience it in class multiple times. I found that the artist and the writer always worked well together in the comics we read, but when doing it in class, it felt so tedious. When reading it, it did not seem as though the writer and artist were two different people because their words and images were so in sync, most likely because of the fact that they edited it multiple times to make sure they both agreed with what was to be published. When I did my projects with my partner Michelle, we came up with initial ideas together and then split it up by who drew it and who colored and wrote the dialogue. This proved to be much more difficult than I thought it would be because I had to make sure we agreed on the colors in each panel and the placement and size of each piece of dialogue/writing. With a much more popular and successful comic, I’m assuming there was more disagreement and they must have had to restart a panel or comic multiple times to get the right message across. I didn’t feel as though the collaborative comics we read lacked anything because of how well everything worked together.