I think a sole-authored/artistic process works well because by having one person doing the entire drawing and writing, that person can adequately explain his or her own vision. I believe Yoshihiro Tatsu’s Goodbye provides great evidence for this claim. In his works, such as Hell, Tatsu works well with the words and images (as well as the interactions between them) because both are coming from his own mind. If there had been a different illustrator, Yoshihiro Tatsu’s image for Hell may not have come across so clearly. However, I do acknowledge that many other comics that were well received by audiences had multiple people and even perspectives working on them (ie: Superman).

For my final DIY Comic, given my lack of experience with creating comics, I think our course’s sole-authored/artistic process works well because of the teachings and group assignments we have completed and received feedback for. If we had not done two collaborate assignments, I do not believe the final DIY Comic experience would work so well. I learned via working with other people, hearing Professor Serrano’s feedback, and I applied the feedback (such as using different panels) towards my final DIY comic.