Something that struck me while reading Watchmen was how different the color palette is from other superhero comics. In the older Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman comics, the colors seemed to be either realistic for the setting- i.e. trees are green, the sun is yellow, OR the whole background was a color that reflected the character’s mood- like when Superman was angry and the background was red. In Watchmen, the color palette is really pastel and moody. Instead of setting the tone for just one scene, the colors give the entire book it’s moody and slightly disturbing feel. The coloring of things is just enough off that it creates a sense of discomfort in the reader, like on page 229 when Nite Owl is waking up in the middle of the night, and his skin is blue. The two colors that stand out the most throughout the book are yellow and purple. I think you could find at least three shades of each on every page. The prolific and unusual usage of these colors not only give the world of Watchmen its own mood but also slightly separate it from the real world.