Temporality, or the idea of time of time itself plays a major in the Watchmen. There are a series of factors that have a relationship to time: the main storyline, the background story of each character, Dr. Manhattan himself, the panel transitions, etc. It is really interesting how Alan Moore plays with temporality from all of these varying aspects. In this post, I hope to mainly focus on how the chapter pages, splash pages, assist Alan Moore in manipulating the idea of time in this comic.

These chapter splash panels function as the arch to the entire plot line. Each of these set the tone for the upcoming chapter by presenting a cinematic outlook. I believe in each of these chapters we start off with a zoomed in chapter splash panel where then the first panel of the story is a zoomed out version of that splash panel. This assist in the story development by creating this ambiance of a mystery novel, which it is like a detective stories. I think a lot of these panels should be further analyzed because they bring about a lot of detail that aren’t necessarily found within the smaller panels. Along with the splash panels we constantly get a sense of time because of the clock that is juxtaposed with these images. Reading the story begins to feel like the world is ticking away. I think this helps to create this cycle that causes readers to reference back to previous pages while reading, and even afterwards.