When reading Watchmen, I thought a lot about how it presents its heroes and their place in the society in which they exist. Alan Moore presents his heroes more as vigilantes operating on the fringe of society and often under the cover of darkness. Unlike other superhero comics, such as Superman, the Watchmen are not celebrated as heroes by the public. The Dark Knight takes a similar approach with Batman. Another aspect of heroes that Watchmen presents differently, is the sheer violence that heroes engage in. Moore presents this violence less as heroic and brave, and more as gruesome and dark. While Superman happily punches and attacks his enemies, the heroes in Watchmen fight in a much more violent way. This take a toll on some of the Watchmen who question whether or not they want to continue as heroes. I think both of these presentations of heroes in Watchmen speak to Moore’s skeptical view of Superheroes and their place in society. I think that Moore wants us to question if heroes could actually fit into society, and whether or not it would be a good thing. Furthermore, I think Moore shows that only someone without morals, such as Rorshach, could feasibly fight crime without it affecting his mental well-being. This understanding of heroes made me question whether or not heroes could actually play a positive role.