We’ve talked in class about the gritty, hyper-realism of both The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen but something I enjoy about Watchmen is that it doesn’t just exist in its own world, but in an alternate reality to our own. On page 4, one of the cops mentions the “Keene Act”, passed in ’77 that limited the activities of the vigilantes. On page 17, Ozymandias and Rorschach talk about the possibility of the Soviets killing the comedian. This places the conflict of the characters directly in the Cold War which added legitimacy when Watchmen was first published and historical legitimacy for today’s readers. Directly following the conversation about the possibility of the “Reds” killed the Comedian, Ozymandias says the Comedian was “practically a Nazi”,  adding layers of historical legitimacy for original and current readers. Additionally, characters mention real places like Maine and Poland. The characters of Watchmen are brooding and flawed and this adds an incredible sense of realism, but the narrow deviation from our own reality adds legitimacy to their world.