I had never read Watchmen before this class and one thing I picked up on was the unique way movement is portrayed within the panels. As Professor Serrano mentioned in class, Watchmen has many qualities that mirror CrimeSuspense Stories, and this was my initial reaction to the first few pages of this comic. The use of complimentary colors, emotional expressions on characters, reference to sewers, and overall dark tone makes these two comics highly relatable. One main difference for me though is in the imagery when it comes to violent or suspenseful scenes, Watchmen’s imagery is less active than CrimeSuspense Stories. In CrimeSuspense Stories, the panels are filled with emanata lines that enable the reader to see a snapshot of the scene in mid-action, whereas Watchmen does not depict the actual action happen as often. This jumped out to me on page 2 of Chapter one in panel 5, where Blake gets punched, but a fist is just shown in front of Blake, rather than the fist actually hitting Blake. What are your thoughts on the way violence is depicted in Watchmen? Do you see other similarities or difference between Watchmen and CrimeSuspense Stories?