Many of the comics we have previously read have aired on the cautionary side of violence. Most of it is due to the Comics Code Authority and our recent grounding in United States literature. Now, however, with Adele Blanc-Sec we can begin to dip our toes back into some realistic violence. By realistic I certainly don’t mean graphic, I mean specifically that blood is salient in the narrative. For example, on page 17, row 2, panels 1 and 3, we see blood for the first time in the comic. It is a steady stream coming from a man’s body lying down. It is not easy to mistake nor act as if it is a minuscule part of the scene. The next time we see blood is on page 32 and it maintains its crimson red color throughout the narrative. Interestingly enough, this is the same scene as the shoot-out going on between two men. One gets hot with a bullet and then violently grabbed but the pterodactyl. Similarly, the pterodactyl gets shot in the arm as well letting blood squirt from his wounded appendage. This kind of violence and blood would not be allowed under the Comics Code Authority and it is clear that Adele Blanc-Sec was not made for children. It takes real-life scenarios and adds a fantastical twist to them like pterodactyls hatching from eggs and green monsters scaring you at night. However, no matter how much fantasy is implemented, the blood and guns ground the reader in the violence that permeates our entire society leaving a reader who was once int he fantasy realm realizing the realism Adele Blanc-Sec has to offer. The reader is confronted with violence and death often in Adele Blanc-Sec in which case the reader has no choice but to step in and out of the real world.