Thank the heavens that our most recent comics have been scanned versions posted on Blackboard. Sometimes I have a hard time retrieving the texts if they are not on the internet. However, the X-Men comics have all been on Blackboard right at my fingertips. When I got to class, nonetheless, I noticed something different about the comics I read online and those I saw in the classroom. The colors were extremely different. Unfortunately, I don’t have the book with me now to do direct comparisons, but in class I couldn’t help but feel a disconnect from the text that Professor Serrano was reading and the one I had read online. The colors were drastically different and sometimes distracted me so much that the message was lost. For example, many people remarked that the very first panel of the first X-Men comic looked like the White House framing Professor X as some kind of authoritative figure, but, in the pdf online, the house appeared blue and it even looked like it was night time. This changed the meaning of the entire first scene for me as I thought the students were studying at night and Jean arrived in the morning. The colors of all the character’s clothes differed as well, the Beast for example when he changed into his civilian clothes the color of his suit in the pdf was purple suggesting a sort of comical character dress with such an odd color for a suit. In reality his suit was a regular blue which makes him seem a lot more normal and tunes down the clownish behavior that was heightened by the connotations of the color purple. Before this experience I hadn’t thought color was as important but recently with the change of color between the pdf and those in class and how much I realized it bothered me I experience color in comics more prevalently.