We have discussed many of the issues with the character of Wonder Woman, in addition to her relationship to men, but we haven’t talked much about her relationship to women within the comic. Something that struck me while reading is for the most part, the women of the comic look exactly the same. They look like they could all be the same character but with different outfits and hair colors. The majority of the women share the exact same faces, heights, and body types, which I don’t think makes sense to just blame this on the art style. The men of Wonder Woman have distinct facial features, body types, heights, and other distinguishing characteristics. This is very clearly exemplified in the panel we observed in class on Monday, where the group of women is playing tug-of-war with Wonder Woman’s arms. Even though Wonder Woman is the main character of the comic, she isn’t particularly unique when standing side-by-side other females. She looks like everyone else, but in less clothes.

So what exactly does this mean? I haven’t quite worked it out yet, but I think something is to be said about Wonder Woman being created by two men. As progressive as this comic may have been, Wonder Woman, amongst the other female figures of the comic, are all still portrayed through a male lens. It is a little frustrating to read these comics because the images and text both are very visibly created by men, through the sexualization of Wonder Woman and the references to submitting to a male partner. It makes the character a little more difficult for me to relate to and I struggle to connect with the text. It just doesn’t make sense to me why the male heroes get full coverage suits with tights and Wonder Woman must be bare-legged in heels with her hair down…standing beside the other members of the “DC Super Friends,” she is the only one dressed this way; not an inch of skin is showing for anyone else.

Do you think Wonder Woman needs to be changed? If so, how could she be evolved into a more modern, powerful female character?