We touched on the idea of masculinity in Superman in class, which made me think about the role reversals between masculinity and femininity between Clark and Lois. Superman, as we know, is portrayed as being hyper-masculine, however when he takes on the persona of Clark Kent he seems to put on a facade and presents himself as more of a passive, weak individual that were typically seen as attributes of females during the time that these comics were created. What I find interesting is that Lois Lane takes on a stronger role when Clark Kent is present, and is portrayed as more of the masculine figure in the relationship between her and Clark. She’s fairly individual, strong in her opinions and strong-willed when it comes to pursuing news cases but this tends to only be the case when Clark is around. When Clark takes on the role of Superman, Lois is turned into the female that needs saving, and Superman comes out as the masculine savior. I just find this constant reversal of roles between the masculine and feminine in Clark Kent/ Superman and Lois Lane interesting to follow.