To me, some of best political cartoons are the ones that have the sharpest humor. In general, when I think about political events and issues, currently the presidential election comes to mind, I’m definitely not laughing. However, when I see a particularly funny political cartoon (like the featured image), I laugh. I think this is because political cartoons don’t make light of issues, but they inflate the ridiculousness of the situation with humor like satire. The featured image isn’t making light of unemployment, but rather providing a commentary on the level of unemployment in the USA in a way that’s funny. Funny political cartoons allow the reader an outlet for the absurdity of political issues, and outlet where they can laugh instead of stressing about the goings-on in the world, without taking away the importance of the issues.

2 thoughts on “We Laugh to Keep from Crying

  1. I agree with your point, especially since a lot of political cartoons make humor out of issues that actually affect our lives in the real world. But they do so in such a way that satirizes politics and makes issues more relatable for everyday readers. By pointing out the ridiculousness of the presidential election, today’s editorials help us ignore the real stress that we feel about politics.

  2. I also agree with your observations. Humor can be such a powerful way to bring light to a serious issue. Outside of the world of cartoons, I think Saturday Night Live does this quite well, especially during presidential election. Its always interesting to see how comic writers, artists, and performers will manage to make such heavy and stressful topics bearable. I think in an election season like this one, Americans are on edge and exhausted by politics, so comedians and cartoonists have to work overtime to find the humor in our situation.

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