Wong Tai Sin

FIGURE 1. Daoist Master Wong Tai Sin, Wong Tai Sin Temple, Hong Kong
Photograph: The Official Website of the Wong Tai Sin Temple (05/08//20)

The Daoist master Wong Tai Sin is the main deity worshiped in the Hong Kong Wong Tai Sin temple. Master Wong was born in 328 CE in the Jin dynasty. He started Daoist practices when he was 15, and 40 years later, he mastered the way.

In the Wong Tai Sin temple, Master Wong is believed to be very responsive and efficacious (Ling 灵). People visiting the temple can consult with him about almost every aspect of life, like marriage, business, education, and more.
To do so, people first need to select a piece of paper randomly, and the comment appearing on the piece of paper represents their present luck and fortune. Then they can go to Daoist priests and asking for explanations.