Online Offering

In recent years, the Wong Tai Sin temple broke the limitation of the physical temple, and it expands people’s use of the ritual space to the realm of the internet by the newly implemented Online Incense Offering feature.

The Online Prayer feature allows worshipers to donate their money and reserve a prayer in the temple. Once the data is taken into the temple’s online database, Daoist priests offer prayers and incense for the worshiper. These worshipers receive the same amount of blessing and fortune from the deity. By using the online prayer feature on the official website, worshipers do not need to be physically present at the temple, but they remain able to establish a connection with deities like Master Wong.

Please click the image below and wait for the website to direct you to the online prayer feature on the official website of the Wong Tai Sin temple.

FIGURE 1. Offering Incense and Prayer, Wong Tai Sin Temple, Hong Kong
Photograph: The Official Website of the Wong Tai Sin Temple (04/17/20)
Caption: This is the photo from the official website of the temple. It captures worshipers visiting the temple to offer incense and prayer to Master Wong.