The Hong Kong Wong Tai Sin temple was founded in 1915 much later than the Beijing Dong Yue temple by two Daoist masters, Anren Liang and Zhuanjun Liang.

The Wong Tai Sin temple differs from the Dong Yue temple greatly because Hong Kong was a British colony until 1997, and thus under the protection of the colonial government, the temple did not experience the turmoil of warfare in the Republican era, second World War (1937-1945). Besides nor the Chinese Civil War (1945-1950). Compared to temples in Mainland China, it was less affected by the suppression from the Republican government and the government of the People’s Republic of China. It received support from the Hong Kong government for its charitable acts in the community.

The temple identifies the Daoist figure, Wong Tai Sin (黃大仙), as the main deity. It focuses on guiding visitors coming to the temple to establish connections with deities like Wong Tai Sin and others as well.

Offering incense and prayer to the deities like Master Wong is an important practice in the Hong Kong Wong Tai Sin temple. Visitors to the temple first buy the incense and hold the burning incense in front of them. Then they murmur or sometimes speak silently to the deity about their wishes. Finally, to complete the offering, they bow and insert the incense into the container, which is full of soil or ashes.