Dong Yue the Great

FIGURE 1. Dai Yue Palace, Dong Yue Temple, Beijing.
Photograph: The Official Website of the Dong Yue Temple (04/10/20)
Caption: Dong Yue the Great sits in the middle as the central figure, and next to him are his four officers: the Officer of Year, the Officer of Month, the Officer of Day, and the Officer of Hour.

Dong Yue the Great is the main deity worshiped in the Beijing Dong Yue temple. He is the most powerful deity among the five peaks, and he is believed to be the deity who controls the furtune of both the human world and the underworld.

There are seventy six wings of staff under his command. Dong Yue the Great with all his staff from different wings take records of people’s behabviors and then decide their rewards or punishments.