“German Jamaican” by Alex Brown

One, Two, Three, Go! Find Two Hidden Figures….

Did you find them?

If you didn’t, here’s a clue!  One figure begins with its arm as the right ear.  The other figure begins at the left edges of the man’s hair.

American artist Alex Brown uses distorted and pixelated images as inspiration and reference for his paintings. On the surface the technique is similar to the method used in Magic Eye images. However, a key difference is that while Magic Eye images use patterns to create 3D models, Brown uses a single image as the backdrop, and manipulates the image’s details to create hidden figures or structures in his paintings.

Brown has two styles typical of his artwork, which he describes as organic and geometric. This painting, “German Jamaican” is an example of one of Brown’s organic paintings. Brown considers most of his paintings to reflect some part of himself that he is hiding as “schmear or camouflage.”  In “German Jamaican,” he hides two figures by blending them into the the man in the painting. Brown believes that both images “end up informing each other.” Therefore, both images provide insight into Brown’s mind and not just the hidden figures that you must squint to see.