How can we make technology solve all our problems?

Below are some ideas I have for developing an educational technology project.

We might need to do some reflection on the question above. Perhaps you might need to spend half an hour meditating, freeing yourself from technology, before you can gain some insight. If you have never meditated, how can you start? Can you do it in the comfort of your own room?

Alternatively, going to class should help us come up with an answer to this question. We are, after all, supposed to learn to be critical thinkers. But sometimes you need textbooks for class and they can be so expensive. If only we can share and trade textbooks without being ripped off.

Talk about sharing. Scientific knowledge is advancing yet much of the public remains largely ignorant. Some scientists might claim that the public has to educate itself. What can educational technologists do to help bridge the gap between scientists and the public? How can we share scientific knowledge?

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